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Which Is the Best Football Prediction Site of the Year?

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As the footballing season enters its final lap, more and more bettors feel inclined to find the best football prediction site of the year to get tips and predictions for helping them bag the maximum winnings from football betting markets. These markets remain open only till the football season lasts, so many punters feel that the time is now or never to get in touch with the best of tipsters for the best of predictions.

According to popular and expert opinion, the search can be narrowed down to a handful of the best football prediction sites of the year. The results are based on how each of them utilize the data available to come up with verifiable and mostly accurate predictions.

Top 3 Best Football Prediction Site of the Year

The best football prediction site of the year may as well be a subjective choice depending on the kind of offers it provides to its users beside the fact that it needs to be a genuine site with accurate predictions. However, while the best can be left to the individual to judge, here are the top 3 names that has earned the most popularity for the year:

  • Forebet

There are a number of very valid reasons why Forebet is a strong contender for the title of the best football prediction site of the year. The website does not rely on aggressive marketing techniques or loud and gaudy colours to attract the attention of its users or get its point across. Instead of devoting too much time and money into the best graphic design for the website, it focuses on the functional aspect of things and keeps the site user-friendly, straight and simple.

The services offered by this website include post-game analytics, predictions based on live data and predictions for future games based on past statistics. One of the biggest reasons for this website being hailed as the best prediction site of the year is because it offers a host of its services for free. For punters who want to rely on both predicted outcomes as well as their own analytical skills, this website is a blessing. Bettors here can compare between teams and get the most current updates on team news and even look up the amount of money has been placed as stake on certain betting lines.

To make the website more user-friendly, there are a host of sweet features on offer as well like weather updates for match location, language settings etc. Overall Forebet is a genuine football prediction website that can help you, the bettor, to select the best odds to play your bets on.

  • Confirm Bets

Confirm Bets makes it to the shortlist for the best football prediction site of the year largely owing to the huge user base it commands. What primarily separates Confirm Bets from many other well-established prediction websites is the manner in which the ‘predictions’ are presented on the site. Instead of tipsters providing their expert opinion, users of the website are allowed to see the tickets of all the other users and bet players and find for themselves the games which are most bet on, what the outcomes of those bets are and whether the tickets are winners or losers. What makes the site unique is that it displays the win percentage of players. This allows you as a user to gauge for yourself the most profitable odds and come up with your own educated analysis.

In addition to this unique system of showing which odds have the most chances of winning, Confirm Bets provide access to the expert tipsters on their site so that you can get more guidance in regard to possible bets that have the highest probabilities of winning. The expert advice come sin exchange of a small fee whereas all the other features are available to the user of the site on registration.

This system of open access to view the tickets of all their existing users makes Confirm Bets highly rated in the category of the best football prediction site of the year. An added feather in the cap of this website is the ease with which one can register to their website. It is a fairly quick and safe process.

  • Betegy

Last but not the least comes perhaps the most favoured contender to the title of the best football prediction site of the year. You might ask what makes Betegy so special. Well, to find out, read on!

Betegy has a number of things going for them. The first and foremost reason is that Betegy places a lot of focus on all the statistics available about the games, teams, league etc. and uses machine-generated algorithms to come up with the most accurate predictions. Some of the features that makes Betegy so special include:

  • The use of machine-generated algorithms
  • The availability of correct score predictors
  • Predictions including handicap options
  • List of underdogs
  • Bet tracking system

Researching the reviews available for the site, it can be seen that most of the sites users win a handful of bets regularly by following the betting tips and predictions  provided by the tipsters on the site. To be the best football prediction site of the year, the site has to rise above the throng of similar websites and as bettors know all too well, there is no dearth of prediction sites all claiming to be the best in the field a dime a dozen. However, Betegy stands shoulders above the rest for the machine-based algorithms it uses for all its predictions. The best part? All predictions come in the form of percentage based statistics, which makes it so much easier to read the tips and bet accordingly for the punters.

Besides regularly coming up with a high percentage of spot on predictions, Betegy allows access to statistics dating up to the last 30 games played between the relative teams. This information is useful for experienced bettors who know how to read stats and spit patterns in addition to relying on expert advice from the site.

The fact that Betegy is potentially the best football prediction site of the year also comes after the fact that the website has been featured in highly rated publications like The Wall Street Journal, Atlantico, and CNN Money and has even bagged The Next Web Start-up Award.

Whichever football prediction website you wish to register for, research well to ensure that the site is genuine and has credibility with their predictions to make the most of the football betting markets in football season.

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