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How to Evaluate Current Form When Making Football Predictions?

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Winning soccer bets consistently can be one of the best-possible experiences for you as a punter. But that is the hard part in football betting. You may win a bet once in a while because you are lucky or the better side is too strong for the visiting team. If you want to win consistently, you will need the help of experienced tipsters from football prediction sites.

It often occurs that even an otherwise strong team with star players can get defeated by a weaker team. This happens because the weaker side is in a great form. Current form is an important factor in soccer betting and every tipster is going to take it into account. Find out how these experts at football prediction sites factor in current form when making their predictions.

Importance of Current Form

Current form is perhaps the first factor that should be considered when predicting a match. You should evaluate the form of both the sides without concern for their technical abilities.

  • Current form is an excellent indicator of how a side is likely to perform in the game
  • You can learn how well a side is playing at the moment
  • This will require checking the last few matches played by each side

This factor has a bigger role in football than most other sports. Usually, when a team has been on a winning streak, they are likely to continue with the same level of performance. Usually, tipsters at football prediction sites check the last 5 to 6 matches for each side.

Additional Factors

It is important to assess the current form of each side on both the home and away fields. You may stick to the data related to league form, because it can give good insight into how much good football each side is playing. You can still dig deeper for data from different leagues and tournaments for even better insights.

Correlating Form with Performance

Once you have evaluated the current form of each side, it is important to correlate it with the outcome of the upcoming match. You should keep the following points in mind with regard to this:

  • Momentum is a very big factor in football
  • It is reasonable that a club is going to maintain its current form unless there are no drastic changes in the team lineup or some other major factor may have changed
  • A team in good form can perform well even against an otherwise stronger side

True Current Form

If a club played and won all its last 5 matches against much weaker clubs, this may not be a true representation of their current form. So experienced football tipsters at can do in-depth research to determine the true form of each side. The following information should be checked to get a clearer picture of a team’s form:

  • The quality of the teams they faced in the last 10 matches
  • Their winning or losing margins
  • The quality of performance they delivered in those matches

So, you should consider all these points when evaluating the current form of each side. This information should help you think like the experts at football prediction sites and make better predictions.

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