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How to Predict Exact Score in Soccer?

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Football is a relatively low-scoring sport. As a punter, this may give you an indication that it is easier to predict the correct scores in this sport. However, the truth is far from it. Expert tipsters make Exact Score Tips after assessing many factors. Soccer is a highly unpredictable sport and it is too difficult to make accurate predictions.

So what factors are taken into account when the experts make Exact Score Tips? The following guide should provide you valuable insights.

Recent Match Performances

You should check both the goals scored by each side in their recent matches and the quality of their performances. There are many sub-factors to be considered when making these predictions.

  • Determine the potential outcome of the match before predicting the exact score
  • If the home team has won most of its recent matches and the away team has been struggling, the home team will be the favorites
  • If the home team won 5 out of its 8 past games with a score of 2-1 on the board, you can consider 2-1 to be the preferred Exact Score Tips for the upcoming match

It is also important to consider the quality of performance delivered by both the sides before making the predictions.

Strong Defense

When making correct score predictions, it is important to evaluate the quality of defense of both the sides. If one side has a very strong defense, and they have been bad at conceding goals in the past 5 to 7 matches, you should take this point into consideration.

If a team has much stronger defense, it can become easier for you to predict the score.  Such a side is least likely to concede a goal. When one side has a strong defense, almost half the job of predicting the score is done for you. Such a side will give the other team a tough time to score even 1 goal.

Consider the Favorite

Usually, you should back the favorite when it comes to Exact Score Tips. When you do so, you have already met one of the conditions of this betting market. It is recommended to follow these tips here:

  • Bet on the favorite winning the match. This naturally means they are going to score more goals.
  • Don’t back the away team, unless the above-mentioned factors work in their favor.

In fact, one of the most important Exact Score Tips is to determine when to bet on this market and when not to. For example, if potential outcomes are not clear, you should avoid placing this bet.

So if you want to bet on correct score and win consistently, you should consider the above-mentioned points. This is a difficult to predict bet, so the odds are going to be high. So if your bet wins, the returns are going to be high. Due to this difficulty, it is recommended to rely on tips from the experts. Tipsters have years of experience and tons of knowledge. They can make much more accurate predictions than you.

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