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How to Succeed in Football Betting with Maximum Profit?

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Making money from football betting is probably not as easy as it sounds, but most importantly, it is not impossible. If you play your cards right, you sure will make a lot of profit and even earn a living from football betting. Not to mention, football betting is currently one of the easiest ways to make money online; here are some tips on how you can make maximum profit from football betting:

  • Browse for a reliable data-driven prediction platform

    If you want to make maximum profit from betting, you can’t just go on the internet and start to bet with no idea of the teams’ stats and capabilities, and sometimes, even when you know these stats, you might not be sure of what to do. This is where the prediction platform comes in. It will help you calculate the win expectancy based on the team’s records. Using this, your chances of winning increases at a geometric rate.

  • Keep track of your bets

    Not everyone keeps track of a long betting history cause it turns out to be rather stressful and sometimes seem unnecessary. Well, guess what? It actually increases your chances too. How? When you keep track of your bets, you tend to find out your strengths and weaknesses. What does this mean? Say you place bets on both the English Premier League and the Spanish La Liga, but you tend to win more in the Premier League. This means that you are able to predict the Premier League better than the Spanish La Liga, this is what I mean by strength and weaknesses. So when you know your strength, try to focus on it often, but it doesn’t mean you should not look into other Leagues though.

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  • Betting with the best odds

    This part could prove a little hard, but don’t worry, you’ll get the hang of it. Some people tend to be indecisive when they want to stake their cash. Some make their decisions based on how high the odds are. Well, I don’t think that’s a good idea cause why do they have high odds in the first place? Most times, it is because they rarely happen, and staking could turn out to be a loss. So what do you do? Don’t stake based on just how high the odds are, look into the possibility of this stake turning out productive. After a thorough evaluation of the bet, then you can choose whether the odds are worth it or not. ● Find your favorite spot. It is not every part of football betting you should go into just because you want to make some money out of it. You don’t want to end up losing a lot of cash just because you don’t have enough knowledge in the area you have staked. Choose a spot, preferably a spot you’re familiar with so you’ll have info on the team, their gameplay, how good the players are, etc. This will definitely help you on how to decide what to stake on.

Summarily, these points have shown different strategies and ways to hit the jackpot in football betting. Just try to be very organized in your betting business and keep track of your wins and losses.

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We have talked about how you can succeed in the betting industry, but now let’s talk about the dos and don’ts when you start making these bets.

◆ Never bet on your favorite team

A lot of people get pumped by adrenaline when they hear that their favorite team is playing. They get excited, and then due to this “excitement”, they bet blindly. Just because a team is your favorite doesn’t mean you should bet in their favor. Look at the stats and try to predict what can be and what can’t

◆ Stay disciplined at your business

Don’t be disorganized about your betting. Some people bet based on the offers and odds they see online; even worse, some choose at random. If you want to make maximum profit from betting, you should stop ASAP!!!! Betting at random won’t do you any good. Bet only in leagues you’re familiar with, leagues where you can predict the outcome. If you feel you don’t have enough knowledge or you just want to know more, then you need to start watching their games for a start.

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◆ Bonus offers

Getting bonus offers isn’t such a bad idea to jump-start your business. However, don’t get tricked by these offers. Sometimes bet companies put bonuses on bets that can look hard or impossible to get, so re-evaluate before placing. After your re-evaluation and you think it’s worth it, then go for it.

◆ Don’t let your emotions get in the way

Don’t be too hasty when placing a bet. Some people tend to lose control of themselves when they are about to place a bet and sometimes put too much money. Be calm and observe everything with PURE logic. A bet shouldn’t take more than 3% of your bankroll, but if you think the bet is worth it, then you can slightly increase the percentage.

◆ Check the odds

This is one important aspect of the betting industry. The lower the odds, the higher the chances of it being productive. So try to weigh your options when you are about to bet.

◆ Don’t get too greedy

Don’t get greedy when you see the odds online because trust me, those numbers look very attractive, but you want to make a maximum profit, so remember the rule of evaluation. Check if the stake has a good chance of being productive. If so, then make a move.

◆ Don’t bet at the beginning of the season

Why is this necessary, you may ask. Well, the reason why you should take heed to this advice is that all the teams are starting again and you can’t tell which one will have regular wins or losses yet as it’ll all depend on their attacking and defensive prowess that season. So if you want to bet, be patient, wait for each team to play about 4 – 6 matches before you proceed. Then make your evaluation on these teams before making your move.

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◆ This is Football, and Anything can happen

Just because a team has proven proficient in the last two seasons doesn’t mean they can’t fall below the food chain in the next season. Things change over time, so don’t put all your faith in a particular team just because of their past records, you might get disappointed. Do a proper evaluation of these teams after their first 5 matches or so.

◆ Try not to bet in decisive matches like finals

This kind of match are usually prepared for by the bookies, and if a team is really favored, they try to tweak the balances of odds so you end up with little or no profit even after proper evaluation. You could as well choose not to bet in these matches.

Following these guidelines is definitely going to take you sky high in your betting business. However, before I conclude, I would like to give you some tips on the things you need to look into before picking a team.

Factors to consider before picking a team


■ Home and away records

Before you think about placing your bet on a team, try to browse through their home and away records. Most teams tend to win home than they win away, and it might be weird as it sounds, but some teams win away than home. So try to compare both teams home and away win ratio before placing your bet.

■ Recent results

Before placing your bets, try to look at the team’s recent run of last 4 or 5 matches as this might affect their next performance.

■ The team’s style of play

This also plays a vital role in the team’s chances of winning. For example, some team prefers to attack in the middle while some, wide. If the opposing team focuses their defending more in the middle, the chances that the team with the middle attacking style will win could below depending on how good their attacking players are. So try to compare both teams’ gameplay before placing your bet on a team.

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■ Recent history of both teams

Before you place your bet on a team, try to pay close attention to how things turned out when both teams last met. If one team proved dominant over the other, you might want to re-evaluate your choices. However, note that this doesn’t mean that tablets can’t turn, so pay attention to other things like their past records.

■ Manager’s style of play

The team’s manager also matters in football. Some managers like to use defensive or conservative style, some use gegenpress, while others prefer to counter-attack. Different managers have their own choices. You can also use this to tell the team’s style as it will change as managers change. You can use this to predict the team’s success if the manager has a good record with opposing teams.

■ Rival team history

If the teams playing against each other are rival teams, then you might want to look into their history. Which team had the most consecutive wins in the past, which team was most favored, which team had the most attempts on goal etc. All these things could help you predict the outcome of the upcoming match between them.

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We have established the fact that it is very possible to make huge profits and even earn a living from betting. However, it is important that you take these guidelines into consideration if you intend to make some dough from football bets. Don’t forget to not let emotions set in, use statistics and team history, and, most importantly, keep track of your bets. Once you’ve done all these, then there is almost no need to worry, play your cards smartly, and sit back to cash out big!

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