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What is the 1X2 Market & How to Predict It?

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The 1X2 bet is a popular market in football. It is one of the simplest bets, yet it is followed by even experienced bettors. The 1X2 market is also called Match Betting, Full Time Result or 3-Way Bet. It can often be difficult to predict it accurately. But with betting tips 1×2 for tomorrow matches, it becomes easier to win on these bets.

So what is the 1X2 betting market and how can you make winning predictions? Find out in this guide.

What is a 1X2 Betting Market?

This market allows you to bet on one of the 3 outcomes of a football match. You can bet on 1, 2 or X, where the three symbols stand for the following:

  • 1: Home Win
  • 2: Away Win
  • X: Draw

How to Predict 1X2 Market?

You should consider a number of factors to predict the outcome of a match. The most important of these factors are as follows:

1. Recent Form

It is important to evaluate the home and away form of each side to determine the outcome of the upcoming match. The away team may have a great home record, but that doesn’t mean that they are likely to perform well in the upcoming match.

If the away team has been performing well in its away matches, it is likely that they may continue with the success in the upcoming match. Similarly, the home field form of the home team should also be evaluated.

2. Head-To-Head Record

Some teams have a history between them that goes a long way back. There may be strong rivalry between the two. Even if there is no rivalry between the two, there can be some trend in their match outcomes. You should try and spot such a trend when coming up with your betting tips 1×2 tomorrow matches. Interestingly, this is one of the most accurate Football Prediction factors.

3. Team Motivation & Confidence Levels

A team that is motivated to win and has high confidence levels should be an easy pick for betting tips 1×2 tomorrow matches.

  • You should learn to discover the confidence levels of each side based on their previous matches
  • Check the match location, record, strength of opposition, and games played in a short period of time
  • You should also check how many more weeks are there to the end of the season

All such information is now readily available online. A team that is facing relegation or promotion is likely to be more motivated to win compared to a team that has nothing to lose or gain from the match.

4. Latest Team News

You should always check team news on both sides before coming up with your betting tips 1×2 tomorrow matches. It is important to track news leading up to the match and even right before the game kicks-off. Some of the factors you may have to evaluate can include the following:

  • The impact of the absence of a player from a team
  • Injury or suspension of star players
  • The quality of the replacement players
  • Disputes between star players and management

If you can access news on any personal reasons that may affect a player’s performance, it should also prove helpful.

So, you must consider all these factors when coming up with your betting tips 1×2 for tomorrow matches.

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