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What Is The Average Return Of Professional Punters In Soccer Betting?

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What Is The Average Return Of Professional Punters In Soccer Betting?

Being a professional punter feels like a dream job for a lot of sports fans. The chance to make a living out of soccer betting sounds as if it is simply too good to be true. But the fact is only some people can make it in the highly competitive world of professional soccer betting. So how much can people who make a living from betting on soccer expect to make?

Profits Depend On The Investment Made.

There is no set figure that professional punters in soccer betting can expect to receive. After all, how much money you can win from betting on sports like soccer depends on how much you stake. The more money you opt to put on a bet, the more profit you could be in line to win. But, of course, the same is valid on the other side of the coin. Higher stakes mean more risk. It is often said that five percent profit per bet is an excellent target to be aiming for. Professional punters with large bankrolls who can achieve this goal will make a stable living. But the margins can be very tight. It only takes a bad run of losses to see that profit margin erased.

On the other hand, professional punters who find themselves in good form can expect to win more than a five percent profit. Some can land as much as 10 percent if they are lucky, that is. At this point, it is also worth pointing out the number of people who make it as professional punters are quite low. It is a difficult job to be able to do as there are so many factors involved.

Factors Involved In Professional Punters’ Average Return

What professional sports punters opt to bet on is one of the things that has a significant impact on their average return. Soccer betting, as an example, is famously unpredictable. Once the two teams walk out onto the pitch, literally anything could happen in the final result. Even teams that are overwhelming favourites to take the three points sometimes manage to lose the game.

Horse racing is another unpredictable sport, though some people can be professional punters by focusing on the sport of kings alone. It is usually said that the average return for professional punters who concentrate on horse racing is also around the five percent mark.

Soccer betting also has a lot of different markets and competitions available to choose from. For a big game in a tournament like the Premier League or the World Cup, professional punters are likely to have more than 200 bets to pick from at a standard soccer betting sportsbook. While this opens up a lot of potential opportunities for profit, some professional punters prefer to focus on one particular type of bet. The specialization can be a perfect tactic in this industry.

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How To Guarantee An Average Return As A Professional Punter

With risk always involved in soccer betting, guaranteeing any form of return is almost impossible. Professional punters have to get used to the fact there are peaks and troughs. When it comes to their earnings, an excellent month with a lot of profit can sometimes be followed by a dry spell. Making a loss instead of a profit one month is not unheard of. But there are some things professional punters can do to try and achieve an average return. One of them is the most obvious place to start – always taking the best price on offer. 

The difference in some odds might seem minor, but professional punters place a lot of bets over time. Even a small difference in odds starts to make a difference with the type of volume we are talking about. It is also important to try to take advantage of offers and promotions that are on the table from sports betting bookies. These offers are not just laid out for new customers as existing punters can often get them too. Making the most of these is a key part of a strategy for any professional punter worth their salt.

But becoming a professional punter is not for everyone. Even those who follow soccer betting tips from sites such as SoccerTipsters cannot expect to get the same average return each month. Some people might prefer the stability and security offered by a more regular job. However, for those who can handle the ups and downs, being a professional punter is a dream.

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