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What is the best site for in depth soccer statistics?

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Several websites provide in-depth soccer statistics, catering to different preferences and needs.

Here are some reputable sites known for offering comprehensive soccer statistics:


Opta is a leading sports data provider offering detailed and in-depth soccer statistics. Opta provides various metrics, including player actions, team statistics, and advanced analytics.


Whoscored is a popular platform known for its comprehensive soccer statistics. It covers a wide range of leagues and competitions, providing player and team ratings, detailed match statistics, and in-depth analysis.


Transfermarkt is primarily a platform for transfer information, but it also offers extensive soccer statistics. It includes historical data, market values, and various other soccer-related statistics.


Understat focuses on expected goals (xG) statistics, providing insights into the quality of scoring chances in soccer matches. It covers various leagues and provides both team and player xG data. is a resource for historical soccer data, including match results, team and player statistics, and odds data. It offers data for a variety of leagues and is useful for those looking for historical trends.


SofaScore is a live score and sports statistics platform that provides real-time updates on soccer matches. It offers detailed statistics, player ratings, and live match commentary.


FBref is a soccer statistics platform powered by Sports Reference. It provides a wide range of statistics, including player and team metrics, historical data, and advanced stats.


FlashScore is a live score and results platform that also offers detailed soccer statistics. It provides live updates, team and player stats, and in-play information.

BBC Sport:

BBC Sport includes a comprehensive statistics section covering various soccer leagues and competitions worldwide. It offers team and player statistics, as well as news and analysis.


ESPN FC offers a dedicated soccer statistics section covering various leagues and competitions. It provides team and player statistics, as well as news and analysis.

When using these sites, it’s important to explore the features they offer and choose the one that aligns with your specific needs. Different platforms may emphasize various aspects of sure bet soccer statistics, so finding one that suits your preferences is key.

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